12 Months & 12 Resolutions for Success in 2018

Happy New Year to all of my readers. I have seen from my childhood that with the knock of 1st January, we tend to take few crazy resolutions and most of them never get completed. It’s because we have a tendency to take these resolution in excitement to welcome New Year and take this date as a miracle which is able to change everything overnight. In practice nothing happens like that.

We will not advocate taking resolution abruptly. Resolutions should be taken after analyzing all aspects.

Good habits are created very hard.

12 Resolutions of This Year

I would suggest you to read biography of successful people and you will find, they all follow given habits. We too want to get success and success demands devotion. Whether you are appearing in any competitive exam like-JEE, UPSC, IBPS, CAT etc. or you are an emerging entrepreneur or you have recently joined a high profile post in corporate. You should follow these resolutions to stay ahead from others.

January Resolution: Good Bye to all ‘If’ and ‘But’

January ResolutionIf a true confession is made, we all know our abilities, skills and duties very well. But, we keep focusing either on our rights or make excuse of time constraints, non-availability of resources or absence of supportive environment. Take your first resolution to keep promises without giving excuses. In this month of January, you would finish all pending assignments without any ‘if’ and ‘but’. You will stretch your full capacity and will come out of your comfort zone.

Your intention decides your determination level.

February Resolution: First Thing First

Feb We all get same 24 hours but surprisingly you will never find successful people speaking about time constraint. It’s because they manage their time. Failures always creep about time constraint. They don’t know their real priorities, they are running blindly without knowing whether they are running in a correct lane or not. First sign of failure is our inability to take care of things that are personally important to us, whether it’s a hobby or a passion, or prayer or exercise.

Prioritize your things.

Take your diary (don’t do it in your mind only), make a list of things which are most important to you, it should include everything ranging from your hobby to relatives. Your list should not include your academic or financial goals only; it should include society and nation also.

Now, in front of each category put down objective for the year, then divide those objectives in months. This is how; you will be having specific goals for the month. Caution to be taken here, these goals should be used as a guiding path to make best utilization of time not to frustrate you. Life does not run on a certain path, every second day will bring new challenges and most of the time we would feel that we have wasted our time in deciding our goals. We should avoid doing this mistake.

As I said earlier, prioritize things. Till now, you have made plan for the month, not for the day. Your everyday plan should be based on those real life challenges which come without giving any notice. Keep those challenges as first task of the day. Make a suitable time frame in hours to overcome that challenge or urgent task of the day, after finishing the task, come back to your plan. Your existing plan will not allow you to waste your remaining time in less important things as you have already completed urgent task of the day.

 Make a list of things which matters, and do the most important thing first each day.

March Resolution: Wake Up Early

MarchIt’s March; winter is shedding its coat and misty morning is waiting for you. Take a resolution for this month you will wake up early. I think this one is difficult most resolution; if you can’t give it a try, don’t read further. As in first resolution, I suggested you to stop making excuses if you want success. If you want to accomplish these twelve tasks of resolution for the year, you must give it a try. Wake up and go out for a walk. If you can’t go long way, take a round of street in front of your home. Believe me, you would feel charged. You will have a long day to finish your pending task.

Start early to smile more.

April Resolution: Won’t break the chain

April ResolutionIn this month, you have to follow online forwarding rule; ‘don’t break the change as it will help someone; here that someone is you. You repeat all three resolutions altogether in this month. Hang one calendar in your bedroom and every day put stars on each date. Three for following all three, two for two resolutions and so one. Don’t break the chain of putting stars on the calendar. Slowly you will find that long chain of stars is motivating you to remain consistent in your efforts.

Series of small success motivates for putting more efforts.

May Resolution: Light Exercise, Meditation & Prayer

YogOld saying suggests best wealth is our health. To achieve your dreams you need energy and healthy body with calm mind. You can’t sit for long hours for study or for your work; if you will not renew your physical energy.

You also need to give energy to your mind by Meditation and spiritual renewal by good prayer. (Spiritual renewal can be done also by doing good to the society) Success is result of a long process and to run in along race you need renewal of your physical and mental strength. Exercises, meditation and prayers work like pit stop of formula one race. It helps in fast renewal or maintenance.

Renew your physical, mental and spiritual energy to run longer.

June Resolution: Live in ‘Moments’

June ResolutionYou are in month of June: Till now you have completed almost half year and you are still waiting for good news/ success results etc. Actually, most of us spend our whole lives striving and working towards the next big thing, without ever stopping to appreciate what we already have.

Success is a mirage for those who always run after it. Learn to enjoy ‘present’. Enjoy small moments. Your resolution for this month; ‘I will enjoy small moments of life’. Life can never be perfect. Keeping ourselves happy is an art. Try to count memories of this month.

Who has seen tomorrow?

July Resolution: Won’t wait for ideal condition

Start today resolutionIf you want to start a project or want to appear in an exam or want to sing, don’t wait for the ideal situations. Start working for your dream from right now. You should work even when situations are not supportive. If a businessman will wait for improvement in economic position of country; he can never start a business. If a student will wait to get free from all school/college/personal responsibilities to start preparation for competitive exams; he will waste time. If an employee of a private firm will wait for paid leaves to spend quality time with family; his wait will never end.

In whatever occupation you are, take initiative, come forward and express your interest to try on new projects or assignments.

If you are a student and you don’t feel like reading, use technique of force. Force yourself to read for half an hour. You will get momentum. Still it doesn’t happen, divide your chapter in small capsules and force yourself to complete one by one.

I will not wait for ideal condition to start; from right now I will start giving my best to achieve my dream.

August Resolution: Spare time with ‘children’ and ‘Senior Members’

Happiness Try it for a month and I am sure you will not leave it lifelong. Take resolution to talk for  minimum 15 minutes either with small child (up to the age of 5 years) or with senior people (more than fifty years old).

First will give you glimpse of future and later will give you learning of past. You will be in win-win position in both the situations. You would feel a different type of happiness which you can’t find with people of your age group.

Innocence and experience both teach new ways of doing things.

September Resolution: Enjoy the process

SeptemberIf you will think about result every second, you will not enjoy the process. Result will come at its pre-defined time. You have control over your efforts and efforts will be channelized in right direction if you will enjoy it.

Don’t compare with other performers; don’t evaluate your progress on daily basis. Just enjoy your work; successful people understand that their only success is to steal all seconds of life to work for their dream.

Enjoy your work; don’t spoil its joy by thinking about results.

October Resolution: Read minimum one book per year

Book reading resolutionIn whatever occupation you are, you should read books. Reading improves our imagination capacity, you will get information and you will become smarter. Start with reading one book per year but bring it up to reading one book per month. If you are a student, you should read at least one book other than your text books.

Books are magical source of happiness.

November Resolution: Skill Up gradation

Skill UpgradationWe should not stop sharpening the saw. Technology is changing very fast. Take resolution to add something new in your skill store. Don’t get afraid of learning new things. In your occupation, you need to show your determination to move upward with updated skills. We are living in the world of Internet and you can learn a lot, free of cost by doing free registration on several sites. You should give few weeks for your skill up gradation every year.

Learning is a lifelong process.

December Resolution: Do any one ‘Good’ Act

December ResolutionIf you want to take your name with proud, start any one good task for your society. It could be anything like motivation people to stop using polythene bags, encouraging office mates to ride cycle or to convince friend to make a group to help victims of flood or other natural calamity etc. Society has given us a lot. We all should start one chain of any good act.

Society is what we make it.

Once you start following one resolution with honest dedication for a month that will become part of your routine. You will not need to force yourself to continue it.

You can select book to take online by clicking on Image.

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To select resolution, you should work on two aspects.

Your first strategy should be ‘deciding practical time-frame for which you can follow your resolution. I would suggest take one resolution for a month solely and practice it for a month. Once the month ends, take another resolution for coming month as all of us want novelty in our life. A brand new resolution per month can keep you crazy for the month. You’ll be able to boast on social media by posting on your time line about achievement of previous month and new resolution of the coming month.

Second important thing is deciding ‘what actually you want to accomplish with this resolution?’ If you ask me, I would answer only one thing-‘Happiness’. Above, we have made a list of those habits which will ensure you two things

  1. Happiness
  2. Success

You can rearrange your resolutions as per your priority

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