Ten Struggles of Life for Candidates of Competitive Exams

If you are doing preparation for any of the competitive exams like-JEE, UPSC, Banking, Defense, Railway, SSC, UGC anything, one thing is common in life of all of you. You all are struggling hard. In your competition life, daily you come across with any new  struggle of life, which could be one out of given list.

List of Struggles in Competitive Life

1.Struggle with Mobile

Struggles in competitive lifeIf you are doing preparation for any competitive exam; your mobile would start ringing in morning with alarm set by you. You and your mobile both struggle hard to see who wins. Though you may try to befool your mobile by snoozing it but then mobile will play with your mind and you will start thinking about your dream and will ultimately be forced to leave your bed.

Finally, your mobile will win and you will get up. After that you would start thinking about your coaching classes or group study or professor with whom you have taken appointment.

2.Struggle with Time Piece

Time race and struggleIt’s your next struggle to reach the place on time. For example, supposed you have joined any coaching institute or taking private tuition on mathematics or English, whatever is the place, manage your time effectively. Otherwise, you will not only become latecomer for them but a time waster for yourself, which will ultimately make you feel guilt and that’s not a positive sign for your preparation. Make sensible use of time and stay positive. If you reach in time, you win.

3.Struggle with Speed

Your third struggle is with speed, whether you are reading or writing. You have lots of text books and study material which you want to finish fast by giving first reading or you are in your coaching class where you want to pen down all without missing any point. If you can read book as per your target or can jot down all points, you win. Speed has its relevance in all competitive exams as everywhere you are supposed to attempt given questions in stipulated time. Your success will depend on how fast can you attempt but with accuracy.

All competitive exams are like ‘Kaun Banega Karorpati’ where; your speed with accuracy decides who is going to enjoy ‘Hot Seat’.

Kaun banega Karorpati

4.Struggle with Tongue

Tasty food is struggle in life

Yes, after running, reading and writing you want to eat something and your tongue is demanding something very tasty and urgently. Its struggle again whether you will go for fast food prepared in just two minutes or will select sprouted nuts and fruits etc. You can do one thing to make your healthy food tasty; supplement it with making fun of your weird class mates, teacher etc.


5. Struggle with Social Media

Constant pings and notifications divert your attention. You may think of just taking a look at them but you will end social media and struggles of competitive lifeup wasting a lot of time. There are some apps which can be used for blocking such websites. In case of whatsapp you may prefer to mute the groups. Avoid posting updates on social media because ultimately they are just a waste of precious time which you cannot afford. Obsession with number of likes and reactions on fb post is a sure time waster, the biggest addiction you must stay away from.


6.Struggle with temptation of buying books

All aspirants tend to take or read lots of suggestion available at every second blog which most of the time end up with buying one more book which they are (usually) never going to open. Moreover most of the books have high plagiarism, copied from the standard books so all you would have is same material in different coverings. Money is also a precious resource so use it wisely. Stick to the standard books and cover them multiple times for solid preparation.

7.Struggle with love


love life and its struggle

Constant chit chatting with your beloved would not only result in losing the exam battle but also your lover because no one wants to stay with an unsuccessful person. However, that doesn’t mean you start ignoring him/her, give to time. Half an hour a day should suffice, be there for her/him but focus on exam preparation as well.

8.Struggle with health

Burning the midnight oil i.e. studying all night drains a lot of energy and you will end up falling ill. Take sufficient sleep, maintain a hygienic diet. All precautions must be taken but still sometimes you will fall ill after all you can’t control the viruses! Don’t be sad when you are on bed, recovering from disease is more important than a couple of hour of study. Once you recover you can easily cover back log.

9.Struggle with Kohli/Big Boss


Kohli? What did he do? Boys love cricket so seeing Kohli batting excites them and they go out to play cricket trying to copy him. Girls? Well they just love Kohli, and spend time enjoying his charm. Control your emotions. Also the TV serials/programmes are big time consumer so stay away from them because you want be gaining anything from a “saas bahu” story or talent search shows where things and selection are very ambiguous.


10. Struggle with expectations

You will face a burden of expectations of your ‘Chacha’, ‘Buaa’, ‘Mama’ , Uncle etc. They all will expect you to join social events at their place. Your parents will be pressurised to join party with you. Your mummy will force you with tears in eyes to come with her. You can’t keep everyone happy, its better you focus on your target. If you get success to convince your parents with your genuine efforts that you are serious for your dream, you will find them standing beside you.

‘The Key to Failure is Trying to Please Everyone’.

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I know this is not the end of struggle list of aspirants of competitive exams; I call you all to share your struggles in comment box. Let’s make this list longer.





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